Harmonica tuition Corporate Workshops Sydney Australia
Corporate Team Building Events

Looking for a unique team building event? How about your staff learning to play a blues song on the "tin sandwhich", and then perform it? All in 60mins or less? Then this is for your company. Absolutely no musical experience is required. Under our expert guidance, your team will learn how to play the tin sandwhich (harmonica) along to a blues backing track. The team can then be split into two, so they can create their own production to perform in front of their peers. This engenders creativity, competitiveness, lateral thinking, theatricality, & contribution. The transformation from beginning to end is extraordinary. Even those who think they are not musical will be surprised and amazed at what's possible. AND your team members each get a harmonica to take home and annoy their families with. THE POWER OF MUSIC. UNLEASHING CREATIVITY. 


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